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Sale Manager: Derek.wang

Email: wangcheng@lafalink.com

Phone: 0755-89358420, +86 18666825520

Skype:derekwang2013, Wechat:wangcheng-cn

Work Time: Mon-Fri,9:00-18:00

Add:No. 357 Jihua Road Shenzhen China

SEG PLAZA Store 7325

Phone:+86 755 83664851


Add:No.7325, 7th Floor,SEG PLAZA,Huaqiang North,Shenzhen

Become a Distributor / Agent /OEM Production

If you are a networking product company, want to become a LAFALINK dealer; or you want to get a dedicated customer service (not limited to LAFALINK brand)

need to scale the production of OEM, or a dedicated team to develop and design products, please contact

Shenzhen headquarters Tel: 0755-89358420

Sales Manager phone:+86 18666825520