[Success Case] Network Solution Implemented at National Institute of Public Finance and Policy in China

The largest think tank on public economics and policy in China, the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP) in SouthChina, was unable to meet the increasing demands on their wireless network from researchers and staff, many using multiple mobile devices including laptops, tablets, smart phones, and more. A computer center team on site decided not only did the wireless network need to be upgraded and properly secured, but that every building on campus and all lawn areas and open spaces must have full wireless coverage. The LAFALINK network solution selected uses a wireless controller and access points to deliver nonstop service and the world class WiFi performance demanded by such an important national institution.

““The LAFALINK Wireless Controller helped us to mee challenges. As more and more people are bringing their own devices to work, the workplace has gradually evolved from “one device for one person” to “multiple devices for many people”. The LAFALINK LF-AC300 wireless LAN controller has given us the satisfaction of a product designed to work with LAFALINK Access Points with no pre-configuration required.”

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