[Success Case] Nanshan Hospital, Shenzhen - LAFALINK Health Care Solution Revolutionizes IT System

Background The Nanshan Hospital provides inpatient and outpatient services. The hotel serves thousands of outpatients and provides 450 inpatient beds with 2 dispensing rooms. The hospital also has the experienced staff and technology to assist people. Considered a medium-sized facility, the Kamphaeng Phet Hospital plans to increase the number of beds for inpatients and IT infrastructure to become a hospital of larger scale. Challenges The registration system of Nanshan Hospital was manually operated in which records were written by hand. The manual system not only wasted paper and time but was also difficult to organize and inquiry. The hospital needs a new IT system that replaces the current manual system and ensures that it provides easy-to-use, quick access, sufficient bandwidth, uninterrupted services and flexible hardware to support future functions. The system support must be prompt since every minute in the hospital is extremely important due to its healthcare nature. Solutions and Benefits After considering the performance, after-sale services and price, the Nanshen Hospital chose LAFALINK for its value-added offerings and prompt services. The selected LAFALINK solution can be divided LAFALINK two major parts: the data network for connecting computers in each department and the wireless network that replaces the traditional wired system. Upon installation, the Nanshan Hospital was brought into a digital environment. Registration and diagnostic data is recorded digitally and data deliveries between buildings and departments are performed through the fiber optic network that significantly speeds up data transmission. LAFALINK’s health care solution improves the hospital’s service, reduces workload of the staff and doctors and saves paper cost. Moreover, reliable consultants and equipment also help the system to work smoothly without interruption. Related Products: LF-AC300 Wireless LAN Controller LF-AP1200AC 802.11 b/g/n/ac Access Point LF-OAP50 802.11 b/g/n Outdoor Business WLAN Access Point